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Our Egypt web pages are organised in order of the various sites we visited. To access any one of these directly, click on the hyperlink next to the site name. Alternatively, you may choose to follow the same route that we took: in that case, click on the "Route & Schedule" hyperlink and follow the directions thereon.


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Our route in Egypt

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Quintessential Egypt

Want a 6 minute primer to 6000 years of Egyptian history? You've come to the right place!

History in a Hurry

Who were these pharaohs, what is their claim to fame/notoriety? These and more answered here.

Pharaoh Primer

The more they change, the more they stay the same! Typical temple tips explained in this section.

Temple Tips

Can you believe that Egypt's gods have been influenced by Pharonic, Greek, Roman, Jewish, Christian, and Arabic cultures? Read on!

God Gossip

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Egypt Attractions

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